100+ Gingham nail art design for Girls

Pretty and homey gingham nail art design. The base coat used is white and topped with baby blue stripes as well as baby pink colored roses.

Gingham nail art design
Gingham nail art design

Have you ever seen those cute nails with creative Gingham and plaid designs? You see them and might think to yourself, how are they able to make such straight lines? It looks so tedious to do and one slight mistake would destroy the entire design. So you ask yourself again, do I need to be an expert to pull off this nail art design?

The answer is no, all you need to have is a bit of creativity and some sticker strips! Yes sticker strips are the answer to your budding dilemma. Remember those stickers that you use to make your French tip curve flawless? Those are the exact things that you need to be able to make your very own plaid nail art design.

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