50 Gorgeous Ideas for Glitter Nails Goals

With glitter nails are simply more festive and fun to wear. Glitter is the universally awesome nail color. There is just something about that glitz on your fingertips that puts a smile on your face.Going to a party? Going to the beach? Binge eating mochi on your couch while watching Will & Grace until you feel better about the world? Glitter nails are a hit for every occasion!Honestly, was there ever a time that glitter nails were unpopular? We really don’t think so. But if there was, we’re glad we don’t remember it.

Glitter Nails Goals
Glitter Nails Goals

It’s seriously so easy to get glitter nails. There are loads of polishes out there at every price point that are glittery and fabulous. You can also get fancy and use glitter powder dust for awesome effects and textures. Trends like reverse French manicures and gemstone or pearl nail art are totally trendy, but there are also plenty of simpler nail ideas if you prefer your glitter a little more toned down.

Time to get yourself some sparkle nails! You can use glitter however you like to paint your nails. Neutrals? Bright colors? Simple? Ornate? Take your pick! Check with your nail salon about getting the glitter ombre nail color you want. If you prefer DIY manicures, check tutorials to get your ombre technique down, then paint away!

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