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33 Shades of Platinum Blonde Color To Die For

33 Shades of Platinum Blonde Color To Die For When we hear the word blonde we merely think about a yellow shade hair color but there are different varieties, and shades of blonde which range from light to dark tone and one of the favorite hair color are platinum blonde. Platinum blonde hair color is the lightest shade which is different from other color and gives you an edgy and chic look.

Under platinum hair, we can find various tones which also range from light to bright color. As it is a light color, not everyone can pull this look. To carry this platinum blonde look women should have a certain skin tone and eye color. This blonde look suits women who have fair skin tone as it matches perfectly with the hair color.


If you want to try platinum blonde hair in your hair then as a first step you should bleach your hair which helps the actual color to see, you should try this technique of bleaching to color your hair from the tip. If you want a partial hair color, then you can try balayage effect. It is difficult to get the actual color by applying the hair color at home, so it is better if you seek for a professional or a hair salon.

It is one of the classic types of platinum hair color which is the combination of silver and white hair color which gives you a relaxed and stylish look. The blue eye color complements well with the entire look and gives you a gorgeous look.


It is one of the gorgeous looks we can see nowadays in the fashion industry. The platinum pink is in color of cotton candy which is the combination of pink and platinum color.

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