25 Glam And Trendy Nail Colors To Look Stylish

Every season there are several new trendy nail colors that look awesome and adorable. In order to help you keep up with fashion, we have collected the freshest nail colors and designs that are going to be a hit this season. This gallery will definitely inspire you and save you both time and money.

If you want your nails to look not only trendy but also unusual and remarkable, you should try to combine these two gorgeous colors. Divide your nails into two sections and paint the sections in gradients of Levander.

Beige is one of the most recommended nail colors for almond nails. This color is soft and attractive.

White is perfect for your oval-shaped nails. Try it and you will adore it.

A combination of red and black will take your nails’ appearance to a new whole level of beauty and elegance. These nails colors are not only trendy but also stylish.


If you want your nails to look trendy in a very simple way, this the right nails color for you. Go red and paint a black accent using a brush and your nails will look majestic.


Red is one of the most popular nail colors. This color never seizes to impress. No matter what the shape of your nails is, this color will make them look charming.


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