25 Best Winter Nail Colors Are In For Winter 2021

Winter nail colors are special just like the season itself. In order to keep up with winter trends and look at your best when the holidays come, we have created a nice gallery featuring nail designs that are going to be on the edge of popularity this winter.

Those of you who are in love with purple hues – rejoice your time has come! Purple colors are trendy these days, and when it comes to wintertime, there are so many ideas to play around with. Take your pick!

Red hues are always on the edge of popularity no matter the season. However, when winter comes, there is something special you can add to your nails. A little bit of bling is precisely what we have in mind, be it a simple striping tape or glittery ombre even sparkly nail polish will do!


Blue is one of the colors that fit the winter best. Besides, the hue is so deep and versatile that you can always find something special for yourself. Not to mention that when you mix blue and silver, a flawless festive manicure will be the result.

Mauve is one of those trendy shades that suit any season, all you need is a proper design to combine it with. In this case, knitted patterns intertwine with the variation of tones just beautifully.

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